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PET flake pelletizing line

01 — Project introduction

PET drinking bottles are easy to sort and can be economically recycled. PET sorting blue, green, and clear water bottles according to color enables them to be recycled separately.

Through washing, remelting and converting PET waste can easily be recycled and used for brand new PET products. Recycled PET plastic can be used as raw material for manufacturing various high-quality products.

02 — Applicable materials

Raw materials: Beverage bottles, mineral water bottle, food bottles/jars(salad dressing, peanut butter, honey, etc.) after pre-treatment.

03 — Processing Flow

Storing and loading→ volumetric feeding→ twin screw compounding→ melt filter→ die head→ cooling channel→ underwater strand pelletizer→ dewater→ classifier→ conveying and storing

04 — Technical characteristics

Model Output(kg/h) Screw diameter(mm) Screw speed(rpm) L/D
PTC75 300~400 71.4 400 40
PTC95 600-700 93 400 40
PTC135 1500-1600 133 400 40

05 — Advantages

06 — Unit Introduction

(1) Raw materials dealing and feeding system

Screw loader

Feeding method: by single screw.

Interlock with the level sensor in the agglomerator.

Agglomerator dryer and auto feeder


Double layer-blade agglomerator to pre-heat raw material to 140°C by high speed friction, Pre crystallization drying (On line drying, sustainable production)

Efficient compaction and feeding to ensure production

Austrian Technology, power saving (Comparing with pre crystallization drying + pelletizing seperately)

(2) PTC95/40 compounding system

(3) Underwater strand pelletizing system

Underwater strand pelletizing system

Cooling water supplied by User, flow:15-20m3/h, temperature.:20-30℃

Underwater strand pelletizer


Type: centrifugal dryer

Capacity: 1500kg/hr

Motor: 7.5KW

Material: all the material touched polymer is stainless steel.

(4) Intelligent Control system

Intelligent Control system

Polytec develop and launch the new intelligent control system based on the many years experience of manufacturing of Extruder, and always be devoted to make the User’s experience more personal and efficient.

07 — Why POLYTEC more suitable for your investment?

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