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Rigid plastic recycling granulating line

01 — Project introduction

Rigid plastic can be recycled and reprocessed into small pellets that are used to make plastic containers, crates, pipes, new plastic bags, and pallets.

Rigid plastic recycling is good for the environment and can generate economic income as a win-win solution.

02 — Applicable materials

Daily plastic products, household appliances waste, auto parts(such as bumpers), electronic equipment cover, pipe, container, bottle, etc.

Raw materials: Bottles, chemical drums, HDPE milk bottles, industrial pipes, WEEE Waste Electrical Equipment, ABS recycling, etc. rigid plastic materials.

Pelletizing way: water-ring cutting, cold strand cutting, under water cutting all available from POLYTEC to meet different conditions of materials. Below use water-ring cutting as an example.

03 — Processing Flow

Screw loader, extruder, pelletizing unit, water cooling unit, drying unit, storage silo.

04 — Technical characteristics

Model Screw diameter (mm) Output (kg/h) Power consumption (KW) Labor (person) L/D Rotating speed (rpm)
PTC90-100 90 110-180 110 1-2 18-42 10-150
PTC100-120 100 200-350 150 1-2
PTC130-150 130 450-600 260 2-3
PTC150-160 150 600-700 320 2-3
PTC185-200 185 800-1200 380 2-4

05 — Advantages

06 — Unit Introduction

Single screw extruder

High efficiency barrel and screw used for extruder with excellent plasticizing result and high output capacity. Adopt high wear resistant alloy material to ensure 1.5 times service life of normal one.


Comparative advantages of large area net changer and plate type net changer:

  1. larger filtration area 2-4 times, particle quality greatly improved
  2. lower energy consumption :40-70 per cent lower energy consumption
  3. the true meaning of no stop network without pressure fluctuations, water ring particles thickness more uniform.
  4. higher durability and tightness
  5. reduce filter mesh cost by 20% effectively
  6. effectively prolong the time of network exchange, save manpower, reduce waste of raw materials


New European design water ring pelletizer, cutting speed of pelletizer controlled automatically by PLC according to the pressure of die head, which could achieve the uniform size for output pellets.

Drying system

Centrifugal dryer match with hot air drying system

Smart Control cabinet

HMI PLC control: ergonomic touch screen, easy operation, high stability, low late maintenance cost

Recipe memory

Remote diagnosis and data transmission

High safety protection: to protect personnel safety and equipment safety

Emergency stop protection (equipment stop in emergency situations)

limit switch

Protect the shell

High-speed transmission parts warning reminder (yellow paint, sign)

07 — Customer case

08 — Why POLYTEC more suitable for your investment?

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