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01 — Project introduction

Pre-treatment for Waste Management

Simple structure.

Best for debaling mixture of waste.

Saves labour for early-stage treatment


A pre-shredder (pre-crusher) is suitable for the early shredding and working as a debaler of particularly bulky or voluminous materials in bales. One typical example would be disintegrating plastic film in bundles at the beginning of a recycling line. The benefits of preshredder includes wear-off reduction to the proceeding machines and relieving the workload.

02 — Features

  • High stability and quiet.
  • Enlarged tooth(knives) for increasing contact surface.
  • Hardfacing shaft is resistant to impact and abrasion.
  • Discharge stones, sands and small metal parts, minimizing wear and tear costs.
  • Auto-reverse system re-orients shredder rotor’s direction when motor overload and material jam.

03 — Application

  1. A mixture of domestic and industrial waste
  2. Mattresses and textiles
  3. Pressed bales of scrap
  4. Plastic waste and plastic rolls or in bales (e.g. PET bottles, PP bags, plastic films and compressed plastics)
  5. End-of-life car and truck tires

04 — Debaler Introduction

Pre-shredder is composed of a large diameter rotor, large size tooth and high torque motor.

Other than featuring rotor and tooth, the low-speed rotor is mainly suitable for handling bulky and non-homogeneous materials such as agricultural films, woven bags and textiles in rolls or bales.


This debaler is allowed to handle contaminated materials with a high percentage of metal parts or sands. However, the size of the output materials is about palm size. Thus, pre-crusher is generally used as a debaler, a preliminary size reduction or primary treatment.


See also bale breaker.

05 — Specification

ModeRotor /mmWidth/mmPower/kwCapacity Kg/h

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