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Plastic recycling compounding pelletizing line

01 — Project introduction

When recycling plastics from in-house or post consumer waste there are inevitably quality fl uctuations which often limit the amount of recyclate in the end product. The solution lies in systematic upcycling, i.e. the combination of recycling and compounding.
This enables you to optimise the property profile with precision according to your requirements.
POLYTEC brings together all the benefits of recycling and compounding in one system for the first time. The proven, robust POLYTEC technology is used to turn recycling raw material (e.g. PP nonwoven, PE edge trim, PA fibres etc.) into a filtered melt which then goes directly to a co-rotating twin-screw extruder from POLYTEC. With its excellent mixing and gas removal properties, this part of the system can handle all compounding tasks.
Besides the dosing of a wide variety of additives, fillers and reinforcing agents can be admixed in doses that are higher than those previously possible with POLYTEC recycling systems.

How it works

Feeding 1 is automatic according to customer requirements.

Unit 2 the material is cut, mixed, heated, dried, degassed, densified and buffered.

Next, the tangentially connected extruder is fi lled continuously with hot, pre-compacted material. In the extruder screw 3 the material is plasticised, homogenised and then cleaned in the fully automatic self-cleaning filter 4.

The prepared and cleaned melt then goes via the melt pump 5 directly to the co-rotating, self-cleaning twin-screw extruder 6 from POLYTEC. With its excellent mixing and gas removal properties, this flexible part of the system can handle all compounding tasks.

Besides the dosing of a wide variety of additives, high amounts of fillers and reinforcing agents 7 can be admixed. In the degassing zone 8 the compounded melt is degassed and moves to the respective tool 9 (e.g. POLYTEC hot die face pelletising system).

02 — Technical characteristics


Output capacity in kg/h*




Examples of additives, fillers and reinforcing agents suitable for admixing





Depending on material properties of the polymer (moisture content, print, degree of contamination, etc.) type and properties of the filling/reinforcing agent and the degree of filling.

03 — Processing Flow

Belt conveyor

Transfer plastic waste such as films, silk, woven bags to the pellet; the feeding speed of the conveyor belt according to the fullness of the compactor by the inverter.


  1. The rotary blades at the bottom of the compactor and fixed blades on the wall cut plastic material into small flakes,Friction heat dries and pr-heats the flakes and makes them shrink .
  2. This combined process of cutting drying and compacting enable stable and effective feeding for small bulk density plastics .
  3. Inverter for compactor to adjust rotary speed of compactor ,meanwhile saves energy 10-15%.

Single screw extruder

High efficiency barrel and screw used for extruder with excellent plasticizing result and high output capacity. Adopt high wear resistant alloy material to ensure 1.5 times service life of normal one.


Comparative advantages of large area net changer and plate type net changer:

  1. larger filtration area 2-4 times, particle quality greatly improved
  2. lower energy consumption :40-70 per cent lower energy consumption
  3. the true meaning of no stop network without pressure fluctuations, water ring particles thickness more uniform.
  4. higher durability and tightness
  5. reduce filter mesh cost by 20% effectively
  6. effectively prolong the time of network exchange, save manpower, reduce waste of raw materials


New European design water ring pelletizer, cutting speed of pelletizer controlled automatically by PLC according to the pressure of die head, which could achieve the uniform size for output pellets.

Drying system

Centrifugal dryer match with hot air drying system

Smart Control cabinet

HMI PLC control: ergonomic touch screen, easy operation, high stability, low late maintenance cost

Recipe memory

Remote diagnosis and data transmission

High safety protection: to protect personnel safety and equipment safety

Emergency stop protection (equipment stop in emergency situations)

limit switch

Protect the shell

High-speed transmission parts warning reminder (yellow paint, sign)

04 — Customer case

PTC120 Compacting pelletizing machine in Sri Lanka

PTC100 Compacting pelleting line for HDPE bags in Gansu province, China

PTC185 Compacting pelletizing line 1000kghr for hdpe bags In Guangzhou city, China

Sinopec branch company Shanghai installed hdpe bag pelletizing line

05 — Why POLYTEC more suitable for your investment?

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