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Soft plastic film washing line

01 — Project introduction

Plastic film is a valuable secondary resource in the plastics recycling market. Recycled film can be used to produce wide range of products.

For the film recycling industry, POLYTEC offer a series of well-developed recycling lines for the efficient recycling of all kinds of films.

02 — Applicable materials

Waste plastic film can be in many different conditions in terms of moisture, contamination, and film type, basically divided into the following families:

Agricultural film (including greenhouse, mulching, tunnel and banana film)

Post-consumer film (including film from landfills and selective collections)

Post-commercial and post-industrial film (including material 100% stretch), etc.

Raw materials: Agricultural film, Post-consumer film, Post-commercial and post-industrial film, etc.

03 — Processing Flow

The film washing line equipped crushing, washing, and drying units, which allows to process different dirty levels of materials, from Agricultural film, Post-consumer film, Post-commercial to post-industrial film, etc,

The washed films are fed into a squeezer to remove the moisture. Having a plastic squeeze dryer is a must to dehydrate the washed film, reduce the volume of recycled materials, and further refine the essence of final plastic pellets.

04 — Technical characteristics

Model Input capacity (kg/h) Required Area (m2) Installation power (KW) Required compressed air (m3/min) Average consumption (ton)
PP500 500 200 140-225 0.5 E: 67-225kw W: 2-6.5t
PP1000 1000 400 270-320 0.5
PP1500 1500 1000 500-570 0.8

05 — Advantages

06 — Unit Introduction

Metal-chain conveyor

Convey baled material into next step


Designed for materials with high strength, toughness, and high sediment content, it can cut the entire package of materials to a relatively uniform size and allowing the thin film materials to be fully unfolded for cleaning and drying.

Belt conveyor

Convey material into next step and remove steels.

PC crusher

For wet crushing the material into smaller size

Friction washer

Rub flakes and take dirty water out in case go to next step

Rinsing Washing tank

Sink and remove dirty sands stone ,oil, dust, etc.

Belt conveyor

Take dirty water out in case go to next step .

Squeezer Dryer

Eventually semimyzing with water content of less than 5%

Storage silo

Temporary storage for flakes.

Blower power:5.5kw

Volume: 5m³

Discharging by double screw

Smart Control cabinet

Control the entire line.

Electric elements:

PLC control module:


07 — Customer case

08 — Why POLYTEC more suitable for your investment?

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