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ABS/PS Plastic Crushing Washing Production Line

01 — Project introduction

ABS PS household appliance shell crushing washing recycling production line is mainly used for processing various kinds of television shells, computer shells, refrigerator shells, washing machine shells, air conditioner shells, car battery shells, electric vehicle battery shells and other waste large-sized hollow household appliance shells, by dismantling and crushing, saltwater flotation, dehydration and drying, rubber bounce separation and electrostatic separation, to separate impurities and metal in the materials and obtain high-purity engineering raw materials for re-use. Firstly, dismantle the waste hollow-type ABS PS appliance shells and break them into small pieces, then remove surface stains by high-speed friction scrubbing, then wash out some impurities by saltwater washing, then clean with clean water, then dry by centrifugal dehydration and hot wind drying, then use bounce separator and electrostatic separator, so to separate out metal, rubber and impurities and finally to obtain various kinds of high-purity engineering raw materials. The obtained clean household appliance shell flakes can be made into pellets for re-use.

02 — Scope of Application

◆ ABS HIPS Television shell

◆ ABS washing machine shell

◆ Refrigerator shell

◆ Air conditioner shell

◆ PS car, electric car battery shell

Raw materials: all kinds of TV shell, computer shell, refrigerator shell, etc.

03 — Plastic separation and recycling process

The recyclable resources in home appliances are not just plastic. Therefore, after crushing waste home appliances, firstly sort out various metal resources and then sort the crushed plastic materials, and other waste plastic products to be sorted should also be crushed condition. Even if it is not, we also have a plastic crusher to crush plastic products for easy sorting. Therefore, waste plastic sorting can also be said as the removal of impurities in plastic crushed materials. Sorting process reference: mixed plastic crushing material → feeder (uniform convey material) → saltwater floating tank (remove heavy materials such as stones and metals, leave various plastic and other light floating materials lighter than saltwater) → plastic crusher (crush the mixed plastic) → Heating and fricton washer(remove oil,paint,coating of material)→clean water washing tank (clean the plastic, and classify the plastic according to the materials) → dehydration machine(remove water) → dryer (dry cloth) → silicone separation machine (remove rubber, silica gel and other impurities, so to obtain relatively clean plastic, according to the different materials, the purity is 99%+).

04 — Technical characteristics

Model Capacity (kg/h) Installation power (kw) Space (m2) Compressed air (m3/min) Water (m3)
ABS500 500 98 500 0.5 2
ABS1000 1000 150 700 0.5 2
ABS2000 2000 230 1000 0.5 3
ABS3000 3000 420 1500 0.5 4-6

05 - Unit introduction

PTC Crusher

Fine grinding

Floating washing tank

Clean flakes and separate remained dirt and dust


Remove dirty water

Hot & friction washer

Rub clean the material and remove the foam and paint on the material surface by heating

Zig-zag air sorter

Separate label dust from materials

Floating washing tank

Clean flakes and separate remained dirt and dust further.

Dewater dryer


Hot air dryer


DCS intelligent recycling line control system

Upper computer control system:


①The production process is controlled in real time, and data .

② Monitor the operating status of the equipment in real time

③The system is equipped with an intelligent medical examination module to remind the equipment of regular inspection items in real time to avoid false or missed inspections.

Separate silica gel

Separate silica gel

Electrostatic separator

Separate PP PE ABS PS

06 — Customer case

07 — Why POLYTEC more suitable for your investment?

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